Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor PPV Buys Leak

While UFC 264 unpredictable and lived up to the hyped as one of the most highly-anticipated cards in recent UFC memory. However, some UFC and combat sports fans might have felt ‘ripped-off’ after the result of the main event of the evening after Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor by doctor’s stoppage after McGregor broke his leg after missing a punch. Dustin Poirier’s wife just ‘went after’ Conor McGregor in new photo.



However, the event still ended up being extremely profitable for Dana White and UFC as it was revealed by Dana White himself during a post-event press conference that there were 1.2 million buys in the United States alone before UFC 264 started. White also estimated in that press conference that the final total will be around 1.7-1.8 million buys.

On the ever-popular UFC subreddit, UFC and combat sports fans had their say in regards to the McGregor Vs. Poirier fight. One user on the social media site named Technical-Source-878 stated: “Dude even if it wasnt a legit win, his footwork and everything leg oriented will never be the same, Dustin was mauling him, the fight coulda easily been stopped b4 the bell. Its sad fkr me to say this but Conor needs to retire ”

While another user, elliotstablerstattoo said: “Maybe I’m a little impaired (more than likely) but I thought I saw more than a rolled ankle. Waiting to see a proper replay but so far it ain’t looking pretty. I already went in with the assumption he came in with the gimmick but damn, man. Sell it with wrestling or exhibition matches and don’t insult the people that put their blood and sweat into it.”

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