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Former NXT Star makes subtle reference about his main roster status

Former TNA World Champion EC3 has barely been used on WWE TV since his main roster debut and he has now taken an interesting route to show his frustration with the company.

The former NXT Star recently published a photo of himself from his Instagram account where he is sitting on a swing and waiting for a ‘push’:

This photo is a subtle reference to 3’s status in the company and how he hasn’t been pushed by WWE Officials after being brought onto the main roster.

EC3 returned to WWE in 2018 and he was assigned to the company’s development territory. He became part of a number of feuds during his time there but nothing significant came out of his run with the Black and Yellow brand.

He was brought to the main roster along with several other stars earlier this year. While he has made several appearances on TV since then, EC3 is yet to engage in a meaningful rivalry since his return.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Dont see why not, i mean if they can bring back a 50 year old batista they can bring back punk (assuming punk wants to) love him or hate him punk is a draw

  • Luke

    I don’t deny that, but there’s nothing in there saying WWE want him. The time to bring Punk back was a year after he left. Not now.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Well there’s an article on here about AEW wanting to sign punk, I don’t know about the rest

  • Luke

    LOl where did you read that they’re desperate to sign Dean and Punk?

  • CC

    Its simple really, sometimes its best to stay in NXT and not move to the main roster.
    WWE has way too many talent on their books these days, and getting any kind of meaningful push is a crap shoot if you come up from NXT.

    Remember when WWE used to do their culls after WrestleMania every year? Well these days letting talent go is a rarity, and WWE pretty much has enough talent on their books to run another two shows a week at least.

  • oppa

    WWE has gone from the place you had to be to a place where multiple can’t wait to escape from and now they are reportedly desperate to sing Dean and Punk before AEW can make a play for them. Never thought I’d see this happening.