Edge Got In Trouble For WWE Diva Affair

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best heels to have ever stepped foot inside a WWE ring. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ made his return at last year’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view after a long hiatus of nine years, following a career-ending neck injury. He would then compete in a couple of amazing matches against Randy Orton. Edge was then unable to defeat Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Universal Championship on Night Two of WrestleMania 37.



Edge would go on to have matches with the likes of Roman Reigns and then Seth Rollins. Edge is currently the leader of Judgement Day but that all changed after a previous week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. This is because after Finn Balor was revealed to be the fourth member of the faction, they all turned on Edge and brutally attacked him, thereby kicking him out of the group. He was feuding with the faction and is now out of action.

While speaking on a 2016 episode of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard revealed that there was legitimate backstage heat on Edge & Lita owing to the Matt Hardy cheating scandal. He also addressed the accusations that Matt Hardy had against John Laurinaitis that he was treated unfairly.

Edge and Lita at this time, we’re going on record in every interview since and say that they really felt like they had been alienated in the locker room and that the locker room had turned on them. Do you remember any sort of situation like that when you came back after he was gone?

You know, let’s go back to the whole Johnny Ace thing, OK? I believe, I do believe Johnny’s take on that. And I’m sure that there was probably a feeling that Matt airing his dirty laundry and and Matt being emotional and going public with everything. Probably didn’t help his cause. And I’m sure that Johnny probably had several conversations with him.

I was not privy to the conversations between Matt and Johnny, but that wouldn’t surprise me. OK. And as far as Adam and Lita kind of being ostracized a little bit, yeah, there were, I think guys that looked at it, you know, the bro code. And felt that. Not cool, you know, Matt’s at home. But at the same time, look, I’m not gonna take, I’m not gonna take sides here. Life happens sometimes. And as you say, you know, they’re in the ‘they’re on the road, they’re in the car. For many hours every single night in between towns, shit happens.’ I’m saying, right? Not saying it’s wrong. It’s just life. Life happens sometimes.

And I dare say in the end, as we all sit here today, everything worked out, you know? Pretty good on all sides, you know, on all fronts. But it sucked at the time going through it on both sides of it and so you fast-forward a little bit. You know, Heyman does his stuff and the Matt freaking Hardy comment. And the audience, you know, the audience is intelligent, man. They know, you know, they read the crap. And so they’re.

Fans are doing the [You Screwed Matt] chants, and it’s one of those situations that I always would say to people, you know, talent can’t be denied. Right. And if it’s there, you know what’s there. So there was a groundswell of man. We want Matt Hardy, the real life story. That was going on behind the scenes was now taking place in front of the cameras, and we’ve only got, you know, 2/3 of this trilogy here. So. You’re sitting there going, OK, do you just ignore it? You know when the crowd hijacks?

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