Edge reveals which WWE Superstar he wants to face in the ring

Edge has been out of the ring ever since he sustained a triceps injury during his WWE Backlash encounter with Randy Orton. It was only five months after his shocking return to the ring at WWE Royal Rumble earlier in January.



Speaking on the Busted Open podcast about his recovery process and a timeline of his return, Edge also mentioned the WWE Superstars that he wants to get in the ring with.

The WWE Superstars Edge wants to face

Edge revealed that recovering from injuries is not the same anymore, as he is about to turn 47 next month. The process is slower than he would have liked, but he is eager and excited to come back and perform.

The Rated-R Superstar named the likes of Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, and Seth Rollins as talents he would like to get in the ring with.

“I look at guys like, man, put me in with Ricochet and just let me do my thing. I would love that and Ali and just so many guys that I would love to get in there with. So that to me is really the thing that excites me is to get in there with a guy like Rollins because I think everyone wants to see that one, and there’s just so many talent that I never ever even touched, never even crossed paths with.” H/T Wrestling INC

Edge stated that he did not come back to the ring after nine long years just for money. He wants to help the younger talents and give it back to the business, just like veterans did for him during his early years.

“So, that is really the incentive for me to get back, and I said it in the beginning of this thing. When I came back, I wanted to try to make a difference. I didn’t want to comeback and just collect a paycheck. I want to get in and try and pay this forward like so many people did for me.”

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