Edge opens up about Christian’s Royal Rumble return

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge overcame all the odds and won the Men’s Royal Rumble match. However, the biggest shocker of the night is arguably the in-ring return of Christian, who made his return after seven years.



Edge and Christian reunited after several years and they had a great performance teaming up together in the Royal Rumble match.

During the latest episode of WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Edge was asked about his thoughts on Christian’s shocking return and how he felt regarding it. Edge compared him reuniting with Christian to a movie script and noted that it is to possible to map it out.

Edge revealed that he was very happy for Christian and was dumbfounded that it actually happened.

“Then it became what it became and that to me was just, I don’t know. If you told me all of this would be happening I would say you’re crazy and it’s ridiculous. To have Christian come back, it’s a movie script that you’d say, nah, it’s too cheesy because things can’t go that good.”

“That’s the stuff you can’t try and map out,” Edge said. “That’s the stuff you can’t script, that’s the stuff when wrestling works at its best level, when reality is involved, when truth is involved. If there’s truth, the audience can see it because it’s right here. I just had to take a moment, I didn’t know I was on camera, I wanted to be out of the way for him but I also wanted to see it.

“I wanted to experience it and be able to soak that in because I was so happy for him. Also dumbfounded because this is actually happening. The fact that we were both in here the year after me returning, and here he comes, we’re going to be in the Royal Rumble together in 2021. How is this happening? That look on my face is proud, happy, ecstatic. It’s all of the emotions. It was real.”

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

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