Edge Shouts Out AEW Star On Smackdown

If you were lucky enough to catch the newest airing of Smackdown, you were really in for a treat all around, but one of the coolest moments is when we saw Edge (somewhat) break kayfabe and give praise where praise is due to those who were beside him along the way in his long and storied history throughout the world of professional wrestling. Goldberg Last WWE Raw Appearance Revealed.



Towards the end of Smackdown, Edge made his way to the ring as he was ready to address the controversy surrounding his loss to Roman Reigns. He then took the audience back down memory lane and stated that he was in The Brood and The Ministry of Darkness, alluding to what he is willing to go to get what he wants in reference to avenging Seth Rollins costing him the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank.

Of course, The Brood featured AEW’s Christian as the two were such an unstoppable force, arguably, second to only the Hardy Boyz.

Rollins made his way to the ring and took exception to the likes of Edge and John Cena jumping the line and taking opportunities. “Nothing would make me happier than to crush your dreams,” he told the 2012 Hall of Famer.

Rollins admitted to hesitating to put Edge down and out forever seven years ago but suggested he would not blink at the opportunity to do it again. Edge, admitting he is a liar when he said he wouldn’t put his hands on The Architect, attacked him. Rollins retreated before The Rated R Superstar could deliver a spear.

Edge also wrote on Instagram, “I know what you’re saying. Why did you post a picture of a hallway? This hallway was instrumental to E&C and The Hardy Boyz taking flight. Some backstory, so bear with me. No Mercy 99, Gund Arena in Cleveland. I was living in the Bahamas(don’t ask), and got stuck in Miami the night before the ppv because of a hurricane. I woke up and realized I needed to drive through the hurricane, get to Tampa where I could make a flight to Cleveland that landed at 3, and got me to the arena at 4. Our match was at 7:30. When I got to the arena, I raced in a sweaty, stressed mess and found Jay, Matt and Jeff huddled in this hallway. I joined, we put our demented minds together and the tag team ladder match was born. Which propelled us to where we all are now, still going strong 22 years later. After that match we all came back to this hallway and had a beer. Which we all hate but seemed fitting. So yeah, this hallway is special to me, as silly as it sounds, and I got to spend some time there again yesterday and reflect. If I didn’t make that flight who knows how different my career might have been. What a ride.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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