Edge visited Pittsburgh on ‘WWE business’ recently

Edge has been center of rumors suggesting his in-ring return in the past few days and his latest actions are only expected to provide fuel to the reports about his future.



According to reports from PWinsider, the former World Champion was spotted in Pittsburgh PS this past Tuesday and when they inquired about it, they were told that the Hall Of Famer was there on WWE business.

What’s interesting to note here is that Pittsburgh is the residence of Dr. Joseph Maroon who serves as the head doctor for WWE and stars are often sent there to have their health evaluated.

The rumors of Edge possibly returning to ring first began when he delivered a spear to Elias at SummerSlam and they picked up pace when the former WWE Star announced his retirement from podcasting.

Now this visit is only expected to fuel the rumors some more and while Edge has denied the reports saying that he has been cleared, it doesn’t seem like the speculation about his future will stop anytime soon.

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