Enzo Amore Photo Before ‘Bad Injury’ Surfaces

The former WWE star Enzo Amore(nZo) has been hospitalized as per the reports by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.



Why was the WWE star hospitalized?

Enzo Amore (nZo) was rushed to the hospital earlier today. It was the outcome  of a botched spot during his match for Southwest Wrestling Entertainment (SWE).

Enzo Amore had faced Ivan Warsaw for SWE, and they had a spot in which the was on the receiving end of a DDT outside on the floor. Unfortunately for Enzo, he took a nasty bump and passed out from the impact of the DDT. Alexa Bliss Major WWE Title Spoiler

It was reported that Enzo Amore was put on a stretcher and was taken to the nearest medical facility. Enzo’s singles match against Ivan Warsaw was incidentally the former WWE star’s first bout for SWE, and the contest happened before the event’s intermission.

Here’s what Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer reported on Enzo Amore’s injury:

“Enzo was doing a show tonight and apparently took a DDT during a spot outside and got knocked unconscious, and the story was he was taken to the hospital, and hopefully, he is alright. That’s all we know right now,” Alvarez said.

“Yeah, that’s all we know, was for the SWE promotion. He was doing his first match against a guy named Ivan Warsaw, took a DDT on the floor, and was knocked completely out. They had to put him on the stretcher, and he went to the hospital. That was before intermission, and I haven’t heard since. That happened. So hopefully he is okay, yeah,” Meltzer added.

No further updates have been reported on Enzo Amore’s condition but the details will be out in next few hours. Enzo did thank fans, and his first tweet after the hospitalization was a touching photo of Owen Hart to honor him on the anniversary of his death, a classy move.

A fan also tweeted a photo from the match just prior to the botch, calling it a great match.

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