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Eric Bischoff believes Dean Ambrose leaving WWE doesn’t matter

Eric Bischoff

The news of Dean Ambrose leaving WWE shocked the wrestling world earlier this week, and the buzz regarding it is still strong with people discussing how could it affect WWE.

However, if we believe the former President of World Championship Wrestling Eric Bischoff, then the fact that the Lunatic Fringe leaving the company is not that big a deal.

Bischoff commented on the whole situation during the latest episode of his After 83 Weeks Podcast and making some interesting remarks, he said that it doesn’t matter at all:

“No disrespect at all to Dean Ambrose … I don’t think it matters at all, That’s not because of Dean’s abilities or lack thereof. But in WWE right now WWE is the star. Everybody else on that roster is a costar, to one degree or another. Stars are now interchangeable.”

Though even when Eric Bischoff believes it’s not a big deal it appears that Dean’s decision has made officials worried as they are trying to sign talents to longer contracts.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I not sure if I am starting a wrestling company Dean Amborse is the way to go. Remember TLC boring chat by the fans. If you want to build your fan base Dean Amborse may not be the guy to build your company around. That is what Eric Bischoff is trying to say.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    Yet you took the time to read an article about what he said……

  • Darrin Tyler

    Off to AEW for him. It’s the only Decision that makes sense at this point.

  • Sparti Love

    He’s right. Who cares about Ambrose. Move on

  • James123

    Go back to sleep bitchoff or go fishing lol Nobody cares what you have to say.