WWE trying to lock talents to longer contracts after Dean Ambrose’s decision

Dean Ambrose has been pushed as one of the top stars of WWE since his debut and his decision to leave the company was sure to have some interesting effects on their policies.



One of the effects of his decision is that the company is now worried about other stars possibly leaving too and they are trying to lock up talents to longer contracts.

Pwinsider reveals that the Officials are making efforts for the same and they held meetings with stars on SmackDown Live this week to pursue them to sign longer contracts with the company:

“After the Dean Ambrose news came out on late Monday/early Tuesday, there was a buzz of activity backstage at SmackDown as anybody who had a contract that was coming up in the next year or two was pulled into rooms and spoken to by management about signing longer form deals,” the report reads.  All the wrestlers were sitting around looking at each other and going ‘would you look at this? this is crazy!’”

Some of the stars who we know have little time left with the company are AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Shinsuke Nakamura and it’d be interesting to see if they make the decision to leave or stay with the company.

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