Errol Spence ‘Humiliates’ Oscar Valdez After Drug Use

Oscar Valdez has been tested for performance enhancing drugs and has recently failed said tests. Oscar Valdez tested positive to the banned stimulant, phentermine. The PED (performance enhancing drug) phentermine is used on the daily by people to lose weight. The drug is synthetic and only available via a doctor’s prescription. It seems that Oscar may have used this in order to make weight for the fight as the research on the drug doesn’t exactly point to it helping anyone in a boxing ring. Tyson Fury Going To UFC To Fight Top Star.



The Pascua Yaqui Tribe Athletic Commission ruled that Oscar Valdez September 10th title defense against Robson Conceicao could still proceed as planned despite Valdez’s A- and B-samples both testing positive for phentermine.

Errol Spence was one person who had a lot to say about this as the boxing commission really didn’t do much to Oscar Valdez other than make him an ambassador for ‘clean boxing’ and education for helping future stars to say no to PEDs.

Errol Spence said on Twitter: “What Bernard got say bout this sh**(?)” Errol Spence is referring to boxing legend, Bernard Hopkins who was very skeptical about Errol Spence’s eye injury per the Manny Paquiao fight that never was.

Bernard stated: “The only thing I can do is listen to what you said to me and listen to what I heard. That’s conversation and I don’t know if it’s true, if it’s not true. I like Spence, I respect Spence. I know he is always ready for any challenge. I just think … I just have some suspicions about this whole thing. I just think the way it manifested and came out suddenly and so fast … I’ll just say stay tuned.”

Special thanks to Boxing Scene and Bad Left Hook.

Dustin Schumacher
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