Evan Bourne, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Ross and Many Others Comment on the WWE Network

– Here are some reactions from around the wrestling world on the WWE Network:



Matt Striker: “WWE Network should be awesome. Now ull know what it’s like in my head all the time.”

Bill DeMott: “Just so everyone understands……… Business is about to pick up! #WWENetwork! #NXTMEANSBUSINESS @WWEPerformCtr”

Goldust: “Wow!!! @WWENetwork is here, which means there will be a whole lot of #Goldust for the @WWEUniverse !! Sign up now!!! @wwe”

Todd Grisham: “Watched the @WWE Network launch press conference. Very impressed. It’s gonna be HUGE. Congrats to them!”

Natalya: “This #WWENetwork is ahead of the curve. More people than ever before can watch @WWE. #EPIC.”

Jim Ross: “I’m ready to subscribe to @WWENetwork! A fans dream come true.”

Wade “Bad News” Barrett: “Tried hard to figure out some bad news from this #WWENetwork announcement. They’ve got me beat. Want to sponsor my podium, @WWENetwork??”

Mark Henry: “WWE is proud to announce the launch of the WWE Network coming on Feb 24! #WWENetwork or @WWENetwork. Write in for a Mark Henry show!”

Evan Bourne: “Tape trading is dead! All hail the @WWE network. Straight. Up. Bargain!! WWE content everywhere, anywhere, all that long hair! $9.99!!”

Tyson Kidd: “You can’t get a better deal than $9.99/month and it includes WrestleMania 30. Now we have an excuse to watch 24 hours a day #WWENetwork”

Ken Doane: “Genius for @wwe @StephMcMahon @TripleH to have a network. BIG Data at its finest. #BetterBusiness”

Matt Hardy: “Congratulations to the @WWE & the McMahons on the launch of the @WWENetwork. This is a huge breakthrough that will change the game.”

Tommy Dreamer: “I am a @wwe shareholder do the math 200k buys at $60 a piece or 2-3 million buys at $10 a piece?! $12M or $23M per month! @WWENetwork”

“Feb 24th @WWENetwork means I’m on TV 24/7 , I have no bald spot, & my indy price just doubled. IM BACK BABY.”

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