Ex-WWE Champion Spoils Royal Rumble Return In Video?

Xero News took to Twitter and reminded fans that his sources say Bad News Barrett will return during the Royal Rumble match. A video teased this.



Bad News You Say Remember We reported Wade Barett In Rumble

WWE’s recent announcement that Sheamus and Drew McIntyre would be teaming up as “The Banger Bros” has generated a significant reaction from fans on social media. This name choice has caused concern among many fans because it sounds similar to the name of an adult film company, which is not suitable for a PG-rated program. This has led to discussions on whether the WWE should consider re-branding the team with a different name that aligns more with the family-friendly image of the company.

Sheamus and McIntyre have acknowledged the resemblance of their team name “The Banger Bros” with an adult entertainment company on social media with witty tweets. As it was reported before, WWE was aware of the potential association with the adult entertainment industry before announcing the name of the team, but it is not clear if the company will change the name or not.

Now, the company has made a decision regarding the name. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE dropped the name.

“WWE has dropped the name The Banger Bros for Sheamus & McIntyre after finding out about the porno company called The Bang Bros.”

Sheamus and McIntyre have declared themselves yet for the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match.

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