Fani Willis Could Go To Prison If She…

A Fulton County judge reprimanded a prosecutor in District Attorney Fani Willis’ office after her outburst, warning her that such behavior could lead to jail time. During an evidentiary hearing in the criminal case against rapper Young Thug, Assistant District Attorney Adriane Love’s conduct was strongly criticized by district Judge Ural Glanville.



Judge Glanville emphasized that behavior like Love’s wouldn’t be tolerated in federal court and could result in jail time. “None of you would do this if you were in the United States District Court,” he stated, adding that federal judges would have jailed them for such conduct. He noted that proper procedures require all filings to be made in advance, questioning why these weren’t done in this case.

The tension arose during a heated exchange over the submission of evidence, with Love insisting she followed protocol, while Glanville argued she had not. The judge asked why evidence wasn’t submitted earlier, highlighting the importance of preparation and organization.

As Love objected, Glanville ordered her to sit down, warning her to be better prepared next time. Love protested, claiming she had submitted materials on time, but her argument was cut off as the jury entered the courtroom.

Love is the lead prosecutor in the racketeering case against Young Thug, accused of leading the YSL gang in Atlanta and contributing to violent crime. Willis was not present during the hearing, and the trial, which began in November 2023, is expected to last several months. Judge Glanville had previously urged Love and a defense attorney to keep their interactions civil.

The incident isn’t the first involving unprofessional behavior in Willis’ office. A male colleague had been reported for making inappropriate advances to a female witness last year. According to court documents, the investigator, identified as Hamilton, texted the witness, suggesting they meet for a date after the trial. This raised questions about the district attorney’s office’s professional conduct.

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