Floyd Mayweather Accused Of Crime In Photo

Did Jake Paul just accuse Floyd Mayweather of tax fraud? The younger Paul brother has been in an online sparring match against Floyd Mayweather as of late and the rivalry between the two brothers and the boxing icon has gotten even more heated. Jake Paul recently revealed this Floyd Mayweather ‘shooting’ claim.



Taking to social media via Twitter, Jake Paul posted a one picture comic of Floyd being asked if it was worth ruining his legacy to get into retirement by a Pokémon Youtuber’ to which Floyd replies in the comic: “Well I don’t know about you but I didn’t pay my taxes so I had no choice! Plus the coffee is great here and I’m finally learning to read.”

In a follow up tweet, Paul posted a meme of Mayweather next to a retirement home – it will be interesting to see how, if at all, Mayweather responds to these attacks.

On Twitter fans responded to Paul’s latest antics. One user by the account name @TrolledByJordan responded quite negatively by saying:
Not funny. Not amused. Not a laugh. Not a chuckle. Not a Haha or even a Hehe. That was not funny at all. I didn’t even move any of my facial muscles. I wish I could go back to 10 seconds ago when I didn’t know this existed. It was not funny.


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