Floyd Mayweather Admits To ‘Rigging’ Huge Fight

YouTuber-turned-pro boxer Logan Paul had survived the eight-round exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather as the outcome saw a draw. Many people who took to social media had raised the question if Mayweather took it easier than normal on Paul.



Floyd Mayweather might have taken it easier on Logan Paul

Mayweather is undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers in the world and many believed that Paul would not sustain the bout and would lose by a KO. But the bout saw constant clinching initiated by Paul which led to much of social media and the live crowd was disappointed when the two boxers ended up going the full distance, with no winners being announced.

Following the fight, social media hashtags started trending that implied the two boxers purposely threw the event.

Many reckoned that Logan Paul paid Mayweather not to hurt him so they both could walk away with a hefty amount of money, to Mayweather himself being hesitant. Jake Paul ‘Exposes’ Tyson Fury Family Lies

As reported in a UK national newspaper, it has been confirmed by Mayweather’s cousin, Dejuan Blake, that the famous boxer did “throw” the event to an extent, citing he “didn’t want to hurt” the YouTube star.

“One punch could change the game, why would he want to hurt him like that?”

According to the report, inflicting pain on Paul –who had only boxed twice beforehand – was never a part of the plan, no matter how much trash talk there had been or who mentioned he should knock him out. Blake continued to highlight on how Floyd loved the sport but hated the damage that comes after the sport is over.

“It was a great experience, a great event. We did great numbers for a non-professional fight, it was a success.”

Despite no KO ending, both boxers still consider it a success. They teamed up, provided entertainment and went their own ways with a rumored $100 Million dollars in the purse.

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