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Former Divas Champion Eve Torres says Donald Trump “forcefully grabbed” her

The President of the United States of America and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump is a tremendously controversial figure.

Trump made appearances for WWE in 2009 which also included his infamous Hair vs Hair match against WWE CEO Vince McMahon. He won the match and McMahon had to go bald in the iconic post-match segment of their match.

In an Instagram post, former Divas Champion Eve Torres has come forward with a huge accusation against the President. Torres said that even though Donald Trump didn’t know her, he tried to forcefully grab her in a photo.

Torres went on to say that although she played her part as the “eye-candy” for that picture, looking back at it makes her uncomfortable. Torres posted the picture that she was talking about along with a video that talks about inappropriate hugs.

(Swipe right to see the picture in question):

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Happy Presidents Day. ⁣ I look forward to having a president who doesn’t grope or objectify women. I have taken pictures with thousands of men at military bases, at WWE events, and signings, and very few have grabbed me and pulled me in as forcefully as he did without knowing me. Of course, at the time I believed it was my job to be eye candy in a photo for this supposed billionaire, and play along. It is actually hard for me to see that photo because it reminds me of my beliefs about my worth at the time. Swipe to see what I mean. Swipe again for a brush up on Creepy Hug Defenses including the Inappropriate Photo Squeeze. ⁣ PS The pregnancy announcement is old so no I’m not pregnant again. Also, this was scary for me to post but it’s been on my mind. We haven’t forgotten about your p+$$y grabbing, Mr. President.

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  • Rinn13

    I am certainly not a subscriber to the “Believe Women” nonsense, that says everyone woman accuser must be believed, and vice versa every male accused must automatically be guilty. However, you’re right about her rep, and Trump also has a LONG and very public history of being a sleezy piece of trash when it come to women.

    It basically boils down to “I like Trump, she must be lying.”

  • jedi

    No no I have seen fake smiles & I have also seen her pose for thousands of pics & looked the same in all of them. I have also seen her say something when she didnt like how someone was acting at Access. Nothing from that pic shows any type uncomfortably.

  • Wicka Steve

    She’s clearly part of the “not my president” movement and wants to out herself as part of the resistance. Guess what, girly? As long as you live in American, Trump IS your president. That’s how reality works.

  • Fresh Princess Belair

    She has no reason to lie about it, no one has EVER said anything negative about Eve (she has one of the best reps in the business), she’s been absent from featured spots at WWE events BY CHOICE for years, is an ambassador for WWE, and Trump…is Trump.

    Not sure why people are still convinced that most people want to be recognized for being involved in these types of situations. You don’t have to agree with the timing (which is irrelevant), but that doesn’t negate her story just because some random on the internet doesn’t think it was “bad enough”.

  • Rinn13

    Perhaps you’ve never seen a fake smile before? And whether he grabbed her or not, it’s on record, from his own mouth, that he’s groped women plenty in the past.

  • Steven J

    She is just mad it wasn’t Creepy Joe!!

  • jedi

    Look at the pic, nothing in her facial expression suggests she is not very happy to be where she is.

  • Rick

    She says he “grabbed her and pulled her in” That is the definition these days as “groping”? If he grabbed her by a private area that is one thing, which nothing was mentioned about grabbing in an inappropriate area . However complaining over a decade later about grabbing her around the waste and pulling her in for a photo is nothing but a cry for attention/victim.

  • Anonymous

    This explains why the comments of this community are so dumb, it‘s full of retarded trump supporters. No wonder why they write such dumb and uninformed opinions.

  • Luke

    What would the ulterior motive be then?

  • Luke

    Hmm is a woman randomly lying for no real reason, or has the guy who has boasted about groping women on tape groped a woman?

    I’d put money on the latter. What storyline EXACTLY do you think WWE- which is run by Trump supporters- would possibly make out of this? None. The alleged motive makes no sense. Torres is more likely to get in trouble for this than get tv time for it.

  • Wicka Steve

    Call me thirteen years again when it happened and there was little to no chance of you having an ulterior motive.

  • Timmy

    Take down this lying piece of crap trying to get her relevant again. She’s just wanting to be part of one story to get booked again.