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Former Manager says WWE “Don’t Do Jack” with Dolph Ziggler

During Jim Ross’ recent ‘Ross Report’ podcast, his guest Jim Cornette spoke about his favorite singles competitor in the business, citing Dolph Ziggler, and at the same time expressing his frustration of WWE’s current booking of him:

“As a single, one of my favorite guys, I just like to watch him. If I watch WWE, chances are it’s because Dolph Ziggler’s involved because we had him in OVW. I knew he was a good athlete, [but] I never dreamed he was going to be the second coming of Curt Hennig. Everything he does is flawless. I think all aspiring wrestlers should watch his, not only his technique, but also the way he throws himself into everything. His stuff is spot on. His timing is great. His stuff looks good. I can’t find a flaw in his game. I’m a big Dolph Ziggler fan. They don’t do jack all with him.”

 Do you agree with Corny or is Dolph Ziggler at the right spot in the food chain?

  • Tony Kumar

    He has won some titles already during his WWE career and he did mentioned last year i think he wants to wrestle for another 1 or 2 years more. But i kinds agree with Cornette that WWE don’t do jack with him so far.