Former WCW Star reportedly suffering from health issues

Pro wrestling is an interesting landscape. Even though we may not love someone in the ring or even appreciate their work we never want to hear that one of the boys is suffering from any health issues.



Buff Bagwell was a very entertaining part of the nWo. But even after his run with the nWo, Buff’s career continued and he hasn’t slowed down since. He might have changed professions for a minute but he’s jumping back in the ring for a Farewell Tour and apparently hanging up his boots for good.

But Hurricane Helms was recently on Killing The Town where he revealed he had just done a show with Buff Bagwell and he didn’t have the best news to report.

“I just saw Buff [Bagwell] — we just did a show together in West Virginia of all places,” Hurricane Helms said. “He’s got some kind of staph infection he isn’t actually doing all that great to be honest. Something was going on.”

Helms said Buff Bagwell was suffering from a staph infection and those can get quite nasty if they’re not taken care of. If Buff really was having that kind of problem we can only hope he was able to get it treated efficiently. But in true performer fashion Buff still participated in some kind of segment on the show. Let’s just hope performing didn’t exacerbate his medical issue.

“[Buff Bagewll] was doing something, I didn’t get to see [Buff Bagwell’s] match cause the locker rooms were downstairs and I like to watch some of the matches but I’m not too fond of stairs. So the stairs kinda superseded my desire to watch the match until it was my time to go up the stairs. But I heard nWo music and I’m like ‘what the hell’s that about? — Ah yeah, Buff’s on the show.'”

Credit for the quotes from this article go to Killing The Town with Storm and Cyrus and for the transcription

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