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Former WWE Superstar accuses company of stealing Bray Wyatt & Seth Rollins idea from him

A former WWE Superstar claims that the company has stolen his ideas for Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins’ current gimmicks in WWE.

Reverend Jeremiah Constantine recently spoke to High Spot Podcast, where he claimed that he sent the company a tape that had a lot of ideas. One of those ideas included a religious gimmick which is the current gimmick for Seth Rollins’ run as the Monday Night Messiah. Bray Wyatt’s recent Firefly Fun House segment where he was seen at a news desk was also taken from Constantine’s idea.

“I feel they’re using certain elements of my material and yeah, I’m not too happy about it. You know because here’s the thing I sent the WWE a video of me doing the Jeremiah Constantine thing the whole religious aspect with the studio audience mind you.”

“All these things that I use right now and I got a response from someone saying that ‘okay I’m going to send this to a lead writer’ so I know that they’ve seen the material and they know what I’m doing you know and certain aspects of that have come out on TV and I’ve never gotten a response from them, so it just upsets me the fact that you can’t even acknowledge me and that you’re taking from my stuff, especially with the Seth stuff, the Monday Night Messiah. I’m pretty sure they  got that from my promos. Then they had Bray Wyatt doing the newscast thing you know which I’m doing right now, so it’s just like eh whatever.”

It is unknown whether there is any truth to what he said or if it just pure conjecture.

h/t to  for the transcription.

  • CC

    Guys like this will always exist. Zero proof that they have had anything copied, and a gimmick so unoriginal that they themselves are copying people.
    WWE has already had at least two preacher characters in the past (Brother Love and Reverand D’Von), so his gimmick is hardly new.

    And the whole news thing they did with Bray was actually a rip on the old nWo news reports they used to do,

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’d like to see his proof, though.

    I mean, I could claim that WWE stole the Fiend gimmck from me because I once commented on facebook that I hope the Fun House bray has a brutal dark side, but without proof, it means nothing.

  • CC

    Yeah, because nobody has every done a religious gimmick before (Reverend D’von *cough*) or done news skits.

    Just another guy trying to get himself a little exposure.

  • CC

    He was Abraham Washington on WWECW, and like a chat show thing around 10 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Your mom!!!

  • D_Ohm