Freddie Prinze Talks About Working with WWE, Orton, More

– Freddie Prinze, Jr. appeared on Wednesday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in support of this weekend’s “24” season premiere, and a discussion of his WWE stint became a highlight of the conversation.



Prinze, Jr. expressed legitimate glee over his eight month tenure as a creative team member, noting that anyone who has seen Andre the Giant can attest to the magic of wrestling. He joked that he currently has more friends in wrestling than in Hollywood. The Undertaker, for instance, was one of the individuals who sent a congratulatory text when Prinze, Jr.’s wife was pregnant.

After calling the WWE roster the best group of guys and girls with whom one could hope to work, the actor identified Randy Orton as his favorite Superstar, referencing the on-air interaction they had when he guest-hosted RAW. The Orton mention got a nearly non-existent pop from the crowd.

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