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Full List of Former Wrestlers Suing the WWE

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  • Martin

    Basically a list of bums after some cash

  • Angie

    most of the people on here,really don’t have a case I guess they jumped on the bandwagon

  • Hunter_13

    The same lawyer again for the third time??? that guy doesnt know when to quit???

  • nick-hulk

    Half the list is former ECW stars who still wrestle, & without ECW wouldn’t have careers at all.
    Earl and Dave who have taken millions of bumps i’m sure … so bad that Earl still wrks for TNA and so does his son. If so bad why would you bring your son in.
    Wasn’t Ken Patera the downfall of the steroid case in the 90s.
    Most on the lists biggest issue was presciption drug habbits and then illegal drugs.
    Chavo; so bad he works for Lucha Underground, Sr work Mexico for 20+ yrs but blames injuries on the 3yrs with WWE?

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Wrestling causes brain damage. Not the companies. This stuff doesn’t come off as credible, just butt hurt.

  • Michael Allen

    If you went back in time and told any of these people the brain damage and body damage that would be caused by wrestling in the WWWF,WWF,WCW,ECW,WWE they still would have signed on in a heartbeat.

  • Will Henderson

    don’t worry, it will be dismissed as WWE knows this lawyer that has convinced these 51 names has already tried twice and failed. if you had brain damage/CTE from WWE, you picked the wrong lawyer. they should had got CM Punk’s lawyer.

  • Kyle Hardee

    Sabu!? They should dismiss this case