Gerald Brisco advises Roman Reigns and current WWE talent; talks Stone Cold Steve Austin’s influence on his son

Gerald Brisco appeared on a recent edition of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, giving his take on ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s positive influence on his son, besides advising Roman Reigns and the current WWE talent.



The 70-year old professional wrestling legend noted the increasingly negative crowd reactions garnered by Reigns, stating that the Big Dog ought to stay true to himself rather than changing just because the fans feel he should.

Besides, Gerald Brisco, who still works for WWE as a talent scout, weighed in on the current talent in the company, whilst simultaneously giving them the following advice-

“I tell that to guys now. There are guys in this era right here and now that could get over back in mine and there are guys in mine that could definitely get over in this one here. It’s not the gimmick. It’s not the storyline because our storyline’s are simple and it not that a lot of individuals didn’t have a lot of gimmicks but it’s the person behind it. It is that person that works his ass off every night in the ring and stays consistent and stays true to himself. Stone Cold Steve Austin and my son Wes have become very good friends and Stone Cold’s advice to Wes every time he talks to him is be yourself. Stay true to yourself and I couldn’t say it any better but coming from Stone Cold to Wes means a hell of a lot more than me telling my son the same thing.” 

Furthermore, addressing Reigns’ current issues with the fan-reactions, he asserted-

“If he just stays himself and doesn’t change (the people are going to hate him and the people are going to love him) but look at John Cena. He is one of the most revered guys but in the beginning people loved and then hated and still they love / hate him, but he is still one of the most revered guys there is. Stay true to yourself and don’t get off course and don’t let people talk you into changing, don’t let the fans convince you that you need to change. Just be yourself and pretty soon they will see this is who you are. That is my advice to these young guys and if you believe in something than make it yours and make it work.”

Gerald Brisco presently serves as a talent scout in WWE and as evidenced by his statements on the podcast, truly believes Roman Reigns to be one of the brightest stars in the sport today.

Time will tell us whether Brisco’s words ring true or not, with the aforementioned Reigns scheduled to compete against Seth Rollins next week on RAW, before participating in a Fatal 5-Way match at Extreme Rules, in order to determine the number-1 contender for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal championship.

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