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Goldberg confronts Dolph Ziggler In Las Vegas (video)


Former Universal Champion Goldberg recently had a confrontation with Dolph Ziggler and it seems like the meeting between the two stars didn’t go well.

The WCW legend posted a video of their face-off in Las Vegas and in the footage as seen below; the two WWE stars are seen being pulled apart by other people:

Matt Riddle, who has been talking trash about Goldberg on social media for a while also took notice of the footage and replying to it, he said that the former World Champion should have tried this with him:

This video, which is obviously an angle, has started many rumors and people are wondering if it’s indicating a future storyline WWE might have in the mix.

It was reported recently that Paul Heyman intends to use Goldberg as a special attraction for shows and many are wondering if this confrontation could lead to a future match between the two at the next Saudi Arabian show.

  • Will Henderson

    Goldberg vs. Ziggler, Oct. 31, Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel 2.

  • CC

    Obviously a work, as said in the article, but it makes me laugh how try hard Matt Riddle is yet gets ignored every time.