Goldust Talks About His WWE Future, HHH Winning the Rumble and More

– WWE Superstar Goldust noted in a new interview with WDFN 1130 AM in Detroit that he is looking to return from shoulder surgery in June of this year. Goldust has been out of action since the end of 2010 after tearing his shoulder in Europe. Goldust said his shoulder was already banged up and he tried working through it for a month but the injury didn’t improve, so he had it operated on.



Goldust also said his plans are to come back in 2011, have a full-year run in 2012 and then retire.

He then revealed that WWE is planning to release a DVD to go along with his recent book but he doesn’t know the release date.

Regarding the Royal Rumble and his pick to win, he said:

“You know, I kind of like – if Triple H is coming back, which I think he might be, but I’m not sure. If he does, I would have to pick him. If not him, I would have to say probably Alberto Del Rio.”

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