Highlights from the Hulk Hogan/TNA Press Conference Today

Source: PWInsider



– The press conference at Madison Square Garden today featured Eric Bischoff introducing Hulk Hogan before Hogan talked about TNA and stated that he was becoming a “partner” in the company. Hogan said he feels great and looks forward to being a part of TNA. The conference left the impression that Hogan may be involved as a personality, but might not be wrestling. However, TNA’s official release today gave the impression that he will be wrestling.

TNA’s Dixie Carter gave a short speech talking about looking forward to working with Hogan and that while TNA has great ratings for a Thursday night, Hogan would be the “boost that TNA needed.” Kevin Kay from Spike TV also gave a brief statement about Spike working with Hogan.

There was a Q&A session with fans after the conference. One fan asked Hogan whether working with Vince Russo would be an issue. Hogan responded that as long as Russo stayed in his place and didn’t cross him, there wouldn’t be any issues. Hogan said if Russo did, he would have to take care of it. When the topic of Eric Bischoff came up, Hogan didn’t say Bischoff was working with him in TNA but said they have other side projects they are working on.

They also plugged Hogan’s new book and a camera crew from CNN’s Larry King Live was there filming for Hogan’s appearance on the show tonight.

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