How Dana Warrior got WWE creative role

Dana Warrior is familiarizing herself with the process of WWE creative, backstage. She was brought in to the company to offer a female perspective. Many have wondered how she got the job, and it turns out she simply asked for it.



Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dana Warrior approached Vince McMahon and asked for a job in creative.

Dana Warrior was looking for a job and asked Vince McMahon, who simply asked her if she wanted a full-time position and what she wanted to do. Dana replied that she wanted to work in creative as she said she could offer a female point of view- though there already are women in creative.

While Dana has been hired, she is yet to be a part of the WWE creative team. She was shadowing backstage on both RAW and Smackdown last week and will be present backstage on RAW this week as well.

We will have to wait and see when she finally becomes a proper member of the WWE creative team.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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