Hulk Hogan Explains Why He Chose TNA Over WWE

Thanks to and Aghazi for the following report on Hulk Hogan’s appearance on Howard Stern satellite radio show this morning:



Vince McMahon asked him to guest host the MSG Raw coming up on November 16.

Vince wanted to do a merchandising deal where WWE would get the rights to the Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania names.

Hogan didn’t go back with Vince because he isn’t ready to be put out to pasture just yet. He feels he has a lot to offer still, which is why he signed with TNA.

WWE talked about him facing John Cena at WrestleMania 25 in Houston last April, but Hogan threw his back out.

Howard mentioned him signing with TNA (by name) and asked if Vince was cool. Hogan said he imagined Vince wasn’t too pleased. Hogan didn’t say too much about TNA, from what I heard.

Howard started asking him about his book and Hogan told a story about his brother dying years ago from drugs and how he blames himself.

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