Jack Swagger on why he left WWE

Jack Swagger left WWE back in March last year and the former World Champion has since built his name in the independent circuit and the MMA World.



During a recent interview with Submission Radio, The former WWE Star talked about many things, including the reason he decided to leave the company.

According to him, it was a combination of two things that made him leave, one being the fact that he needed to be challenged and the other that the independent circuit is blooming

“So for me it was a combination of two things, I needed a change, I needed to be pushed, I needed to be challenged, and also it was a great opportunity, it was a great time to leave. It’s a great time to be a pro wrestler right now. As you guys said, I’m working non-stop since I left the company. It’s also a great time to be a pro fighter. So that’s also why I left.”

Apart from this, Swagger was also asked if he ever wrestled Brock Lesnar backstage and replying to it, the MMA Star said that he could bounce Lesnar’s forehead off the mat if he ever tried to wrestle him.

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