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Jeff and Matt Hardy reunite on SmackDown Live

Hardy Boyz return on SmackDown Live

The last time we saw Matt Hardy in the WWE, he was teaming up with Bray Wyatt on the Raw brand. Back then, the Deleters of Worlds had lost the Raw Tag Team Championship to the B-Team.

Later on in the summer, Hardy revealed that he was taking time off due to his back fusing with his pelvis. Many were unsure if we’d ever see the Woken One wrestle in a WWE ring ever again. Tonight, those worries were put to rest, as Matt Hardy returned to WWE TV, teaming with his brother Jeff Hardy to take on The Bar.

The Hardy Boyz were successful in tonight’s match, and SmackDown Live has added another big tag team to their roster.

  • CC

    I really do not get WWE booking sometimes.

    When Matt “retired” due to his injury they took Bray off TV as well.
    Bray had nothing wrong with him and has not been seen since. And then months later Matt returns with a complete change of gimmick and Bray is still nowhere to be seen.