Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Gets New Boyfriend?

It was on May 14, a day before news broke that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are allegedly headed toward a divorce, the singer was spotted house-hunting on her own in Beverly Hills as per 



It seems that Bennifer is approaching their second wedding anniversary but sources shared that their relationship is over.

“The split is getting nasty,” a source told In Touch. “She isn’t wasting any time moving on from Ben.”

It was reported last week that Affleck, 51, and Lopez, 54, have called it quits.

“She went to the Met Gala alone, she went out to dinner on Mother’s Day without him, and now she’s looking for a new home for herself, after they had spent months searching for their dream home. And with a combined net worth of $550 million, the divorce is only going to get nastier,” the insider shared.

The star couple has been slipping on and off their wedding rings for weeks, with the singer attending a movie premiere alone as divorce rumors swirl. It is noted that J Lo even got snappy with a reporter when she questioned the state of their marriage.

It has come to light that the word on the street is that Ben has “come to his senses” and knows his almost two-year marriage to J Lo “isn’t going to work.”

It was also claimed the two are house hunting separately as they reportedly no longer stay under the same roof. Affleck has allegedly stayed in a Brentwood home “without his wife” while J Lo has been living in the $60 million Beverly Hills mansion they bought together last year.

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