Jerry Lawler Hospitalization Has Turned ‘Serious’

WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler is one of the most beloved pro wrestlers of all time, as he was the voice of many generations. He continues to work as an active pro wrestler even now.



Jerry Lawler has had medical issues over the past several years. This included the time in 2012 where he almost lost his life after suffering a heart attack during an episode of Monday Night RAW. Michael Cole was present during the shocking incident and held down the fort well.

Lawler was rushed to the hospital after having a medical emergency on Monday. He is currently at a hospital in the Fort Myers, Florida, where he owns a condo in the same area.

Ricky Morton took to Twitter today and wished his friend all the best for his health. Dave Meltzer took to Twitter and revealed that Jerry Lawler is awake but his condition is ‘very serious.’ We wish for his speedy recovery and pray he will get back on his feet soon.

Lawler is awake, but his situation is very serious.

Action 5 News reports that Jerry Lawler suffered a stroke at his Fort Myers home. He has since undergone surgery and is currently recovering.

Memphis wrestling legend Jerry Lawler is recovering after having a stroke at his home in Fort Myers, Florida.

Lawler, 73, has undergone surgery and is recovering at a Florida hospital.

Lawler celebrated his 50th anniversary in the wrestling ring back in 2020.

His storied career includes decades of wrestling in Memphis, with WWE, and traveling the world.

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