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Jim Cornette would like to manage a member of the Shield

Jim Cornette is a legendary manager. In the world of professional wrestling, he’s been the voice of many great tag teams and singles stars. From The Midnight Express and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to Yokozuna and Vader, Cornette has managed many incredible talents.

Though he isn’t exactly a fan of today’s professional wrestling, Cornette has mentioned that there are a few stars in the WWE that he’s a fan of. Cornette has praised the likes of Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Tommaso Ciampa, and Johnny Gargano. In fact, he’s called Ciampa & Gargano vs The Revival a tag team masterpiece in the past.

However, when asked on The Apter Chat who he would manage in the WWE if he could, Jim Cornette chose one man who he always pegged as the total package.

I’ve been a fan of one particular guy since I first saw him in Ring of Honor eight years ago. He was Tyler Black then, but he’s Seth Rollins now. And I think he’s just the whole package. He can work, he sounds good, he looks good, he’s got the size and the athletic ability.

When I knew him, and hopefully nothing has changed, he was a good kid with no bad habits. He reminds me of a modern day Rick Rude. He has that aura about him. He carries himself like a star.

Considering how much he’s praised the Top Guys, I’m surprised Cornette didn’t pick The Revival here. However, Cornette has always been high on Rollins, and I’d be lying if I said I would hate a heel Seth Rollins being backed by him.

On The Apter Chat, Cornette also discussed if managers could be on their way back to the WWE and professional wrestling as a whole. You can check out the full episode here.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

Is there somebody else that could do well with Jim Cornette as a manager? Is there somebody on the roster you feel could reach the next level if they had a mouthpiece? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Darrin Tyler

    I would LOVE to see him back on tv as a manager again with his racket lol

  • jgdjgdklj

    Doesn’t sound like he wants to seriously manage him. He’s just a fan of him. Besides I’ve heard on his podcast he is retired from managing pretty much completely.

  • Wicka Steve

    Cornette just wants to be relevant again. While he’s not wrong about a lot of the problems with today’s wrestling, he’s such a bitter and hateful man, he’s going to give himself cancer.

  • CC

    But guys like Rollins don’t need managers.

    Two reasons a wrestler or team needs a manager is either they are bad at talking or they are in desperate need of getting over.
    Giving a guy who is in Cornettes words “the complete package” a manager, makes zero sense.