Jim Ross Blogs About NXT Takeover: Respect And Sasha Banks

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on Wednesday night’s NXT Takeover: Respect.



On the overall show:

An outstanding show on all fronts. Production values and the ‘look’ of the show typical, WWE standards which is always stellar. Solid, logical booking and a fundamentally sound, logical in ring presentation which was refreshing. The matches had the time to develop and how good is it to not have matches be interrupted by commercials? Plus, the show was a manageable two hours which is audience friendly.

On the commentary:

Enjoyed the commentary on NXT. I’m cursed in that I likely listen to closely to the announcing and if I have any critiques they are often times misconstrued as me being bitter and/or angry which isn’t true whatsoever but I thought the trio did a very solid job. I could tell they were grinding it out through the 30 minute Ironman Match which was likely the longest match any of them have ever done especially on live TV. They were well prepared and remembered that they were on TV, spoke in sound bytes and generally stayed on what I was seeing in the ring which lessens the viewer the opportunity to ‘check out’ and detach from any emotional investment into the presentation.

On Sasha Banks:

Sasha Banks is amazing in that she feels like a heel and enjoys finding and refining the nuances of being a pro wrestling villain. She wants to be disliked and not be perceived as cool. Bailey is the likeable, girl next door who has improved immensely since she first arrived at NXT. That’s what hard work and a burning desire to be the best at what one does will do for anyone.

You can read the entire blog here.

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