Jim Ross On Repetitive Diva Catchphrase, Sheamus and The Osbourne’s Hosting RAW

– Jim Ross’ has a new blog up at http://www.jrsbarbq.com/ – the following are among the highlights:



* “I liked Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne’s role on Raw Monday night. It wasn’t overkill and it played to their strengths. Ozzie, honestly, pleasantly surprised me with his performance and his wife is really sharp which has likely saved Ozzie’s arse over the years. They are a prime example of where a ‘reality show’ has helped their personas and made them relevant again to a new audience.”

* “It’s easy to see that the WWE Divas are ‘smart, sexy and powerful’ but what else good do they represent? Just curious.”

* “The continued evolution of Sheamus, the big Irish guy with no last name, is something that I’m enjoying. Hopefully, this build will be consistent and not rushed as it is obvious to me that Sheamus, the big Irish guy with no last name, has marketable potential. I like his size, physicality, and obvious toughness and he also has a strong work ethic and desire to not just be a player to be be a main event player. Sheamus is one of the most intriguing personas in WWE right now for my money. Can you imagine how fast Sheamus would progress if he were managed by a red hot, mouthpiece who was relevant in today’s marketplace?”

Read the full blog at this link.

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