*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Nov. 12th

– Thanks to JP Nichols and PWInsider for these live spoilers from tonight’s iMPACT tapings in Orlando. These will air on November 12th, the Thursday before Turning Point:



* Before the tapings started, Alyssa Flash defeated Traci Brooks by submission. After the match, Traci attacked Alyssa.

* iMPACT starts with Mick Foley coming out for the match between Abyss and Stevie Richards. After a Black Hole Slam, the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Abyss was laid out and Richards got the win. Richards went to put a chair around Abyss’ throat but Foley attacked Richards to stop him. The lights went out again and a fireball was thrown in Foley’s face. The lights go back on and it was Raven who threw the fireball. He hits a Raven Effect and then posed with Daffney and Stevie.

* Jim Neidhart defeated Jay Lethal with a running power slam.

* Kurt Angle comes out in a suit to a large ovation. He calls Turning Point the most important night of his life. He puts over A.J. Styles and Matt Morgan. Kurt says that he has no respect for someone who comes in and attacks him. He says that Desmond has earned nothing and Angle says that he will terminate Desmond’s wrestling career. Desmond appears on the screen and Desmond says that he is here to take Angle’s place. Wolfe comes through the crowd and that leads to a brawl between Angle and Wolfe. Desmond hits a DDT on the floor.

* They introduce Super Dave Osborne and he is at the announce table with Mike Tenay and Taz.

* Motor City Machine Guns and TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red defeated Homicide, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi. Homicide tried to bring in a barbed wire baseball bat, but security stopped Homicide and carried him out. Machine Guns pinned Bashir.

* After the match, Super Dave Osborne left the announce table.

* Team 3D come out with Rhino. They talk about choice with TNA based on something that Dixie Carter said about whether you were on board or not. He says that they are glad that they turned because they are getting lots of heat. Matt Morgan and Hernandez come out. Ray says that he has spilled more DNA in TNA than Morgan has in his body. Ray calls Hernandez a Mexican without a green card. A six man street fight is announced for Turning Point and Ray asks Morgan and Hernandez if they have a partner. Morgan says that they do not need a partner. Devon says that that if they are the future of TNA, then TNA will be no more. D’Angelo Dinero comes out and he says that he will be the third member of the team and then he runs down Team 3D.

* Beer Money defeated The British Invasion in a Non-Title Match to earn a spot in the tag title match at Turning Point. If the British Invasion were disqualified or counted out in this match, Beer Money would be added to the match. Rob Terry came out with a chair but Doug Williams told Rob to go back. Magnus almost used the chair but Williams stopped him as well. Beer Money was able to get the win with a DWI on Magnus.

* Samoa Joe defeated A.J. Styles in a Non-Title match after Styles passed out in the Choke. Daniels came out during the match and accidentally knocked A.J. off balance. Styles hit Daniels leading to Joe putting Styles in the choke. After the match, Joe posed with the belt.

* Taped For Xplosion: Rob Terry defeated Kip James.

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