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Jim Ross says Bret Hart would have been great during the Attitude Era

Jim Ross recently spoke about Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart on his podcast Grilling JR. The AEW announcer revealed that contrary to what many might believe, he feels that Bret Hart would have been a great fit in WWE during the Attitude Era.

While Bret Hart was part of WCW during the time the ‘Attitude Era’ was going on in WWE, JR said that Hart’s style of cutting promos would have been great for the realistic style of promos during the late 90s in WWE.

So I think Bret would have thrived in that Attitude Era, Conrad. I really do, man. His promos, he didn’t bulls**t in his promos, it was all believable. And look, anybody that saw WrestleMania 13 and saw Austin and Bret have a match, I’ll kiss your ass in the post office on the third day of the month if you believed that that was not a good match. You gotta be kidding me. That was one of the greatest matches I ever witnessed in my entire life, and we could have gotten more of it in different ways. They could have become allies, and then they could have become adversaries. They could have been partners. There’s a zillion things you could have done with the chemistry of those two guys.

Jim Ross also talked about the possibility of a stable that wanted to eliminate these two Superstars to take over the company. All in all, it is clear that Jim Ross believes Bret Hart would have been great for WWE’s attitude era.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Yeah he hurt his back in the casket match at Rumble 98, but he was supposed to be back in spring 2001, they even ran a story in RAW magazine about his comeback. But he showed up messed up and Vince pulled the plug, but it was too late to recall the magazine. But yes it was Nash that mended the fences, which js why they put HBK in the nee NWO for like 2 weeks

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I believe his back issues kept him out of the ring but yeah, he was meant to do something with triple h in 2000 after the Special Referee match at Judgement Day but he was still battling his demons and they fell out pretty bad. I “think” it was Nash who played the middle man and got them to patch things up

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    True, but he was suppossed to come back 14 months sooner than he did, until he showed up to Raw drunk/pilled up

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    That couldn’t be helped though

  • Rinn13

    Who are you kidding, JR? Bret hated the “Attitude Era”. He has spoken at length about how he already hated the direction the company was going in with DX’s nonsense, and the rise of all the pointless sexual stuff, etc. He didn’t care for the “Attitude Era” stuff going on in WCW either. To him, wrestling should be about wrestling, not dumb skits and “shock TV” garbage, which is 90% what the beloved “Attitude Era” was.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Could be. Im more disappointed that HBK wasnt around for the Attitude Era