Jimmy Kimmel Reveals How Much Money Trump Lost

Jimmy Kimmel recently took shots back at former President Donald Trump after the former president targeted the comedian in a Truth Social rant riddled with errors over Kimmel’s hosting of the Oscars this year via Mediaite.



In Trump’s post, he called Kimmel “stupid” and said there was a “ratings drop” when he hosted the Oscars. He also referenced Kimmel reading a Truth Social message about him from Trump during the Oscars telecast and claimed Kimmel “stumbled” when announcing Best Picture.

On Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel noted some problems with Trump’s message, including the fact that it was Al Pacino who announced the Best Picture Academy Award winner, not Kimmel.

He also defended that the ratings also did not see a drop. According to Nielsen data, 19.5 million tuned in to this year’s telecast. It was a slight bump from the year before when they nabbed 18.8 million viewers with Kimmel as host. The 2023 ratings also marked a 13% jump over the previous years.

Kimmel, who dubbed Trump “Ranta Claus,” presented a graph to his audience to show the ratings data.

“I’m not looking to boast. I just wanted to say that is not down,” the comedian said.

He then showed an example of “down,” pulling up the steady drop in stock value for Trump Media, which recently went public and owns Truth Social.

“You want to what down looks like? This is the value of Truth Social stock,” Kimmel said.

The graph showed the stock had dropped to around $26 this week. The company began trading at around $70 a share. They made recent moves to offload some stock and announced a move into streaming.

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