Joe Biden Drops Travis Kelce’s Mom Bombshell

President Joe Biden recently mocked MAGA-world figures after accusations against him emerged of rigging Super Bowl LVIII — just seconds after a suspiciously “miraculous” victory for the team Biden rigged it for.



The game was played against the backdrop of MAGA-world outrage over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, which gave rise to wild allegations and other attacks on the celebrity that Swift and the NFL conspired to rig the Super Bowl in order to install President Joe Biden for a second term. Even about “credible threats” concerning Swift, a reporter inquired during a press conference held during Super Bowl week.

In the Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night, Biden’s prospects did not appear good as the Kansas City Chiefs trailed the San Francisco 49ers for the majority of the contest. However, they were able to maintain a competitive game in spite of critical errors because to their solid defense and a completely ordinary blocked extra-point try, among other things.

The Chiefs finally came alive at the end of the fourth quarter by capitalizing on a Niners turnover with a touchdown and tying the game in the closing seconds with a field goal.

After a seesaw 14 minutes and 57 seconds, the Chiefs won the game with a touchdown in the final three seconds of the first overtime quarter. It was a dramatic win. Or was it?

The president marked the occasion with some innocuous tweets on the POTUS account, recalling happy times with both of his sons before the game and congratulating the victors afterward with an invitation to the White House.

Things were a little more loose on the non-White-House Joe Biden accounts, where Biden teased about the conspiracy in a repost of his very first TikTok video:

“NARRATOR: Chiefs or Niners.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Two great quarterbacks. Hard to decide. But if I didn’t say I was for the Eagles and I’d be sleeping alone, my wife’s a Philly girl.

NARRATOR: Game or Commercials


NARRATOR: Game or halftime show.


NARRATOR: Jason Kelce or Travis Kelce.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Mama Kelce. I understand she makes great chocolate chip cookies.

NARRATOR: Deviously plotting to rig the season so the Chiefs would make the Super Bowl. Or the Chiefs just being a good football team?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I’d get in trouble if I told you.

NARRATOR: Trump or Biden.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Are you kidding? Biden!”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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