Joe Rogan Caught Using Racist Word In Video

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been involved in controversy recently. He has once again entailed in a controversial incident. He was spotted saying the “N word” in a compilation which has gone viral. Previously, it was noted that Joe Rogan forced to cancel show.



Joe Rogan was spotted saying the N-word

Recently, Rogan was alleged about spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19 through his Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify.  PatriotTakes uploaded a compilation of the UFC commentator saying the “N word” in various episodes of his podcast.

Joe Rogan’s “N word” compilation already gained some heat and had almost one million views on Twitter. As expected, media people have begun sharing their takes on the subject. It seems that PatriotTakes wanted to make a point to the people who sided with Rogan on the controversy. The intention was made clear when it wrote: “This is who the right is defending.” However, political reporter Michael Shure opened up a new door.

Shure believes that the fact that Rogan has used the “N word” on multiple occasions has already become a matter of concern. Moreover, seeing the 54-year-old utter it comfortably is even more “disturbing.” Here is what Shure said:

“The thing that struck me was how comfortable [Rogan] he is saying it [the “N word”], Shure recently said on The Damage Report. “Not that he was saying it with venom, [because] it’s [already] a word that has venom implicit in it, it’s the worst word, but he was so comfortable saying it. Whereas it gives everybody pause [just] hearing it, or I shouldn’t say everybody, it gives good thinking people pause just to hear it. [But] he’s so comfortable saying it and it was really disturbing, it’s really disturbing that so many people defend him,” said Shure.

Barry Russell
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