Joe Rogan Drops Colby Covington WWE Bombshell

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently spoke about UFC star Colby Covington. The veteran commentator believes Covington could have a bright future in professional wrestling once he finishes his UFC stint. WWE Firing More Stars After Thursday?



Joe Rogan believes Colby Covington could have a heel gimmick in pro-wrestling

The popular MMA analyst noted that Covington “talks a lot of sh**” and that his trash-talking skills would greatly benefit him in the pro wrestling world. In an edition of the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast, Rogan and his guest Cameron Hanes spoke on multiple topics and the conversation then shifted to Colby Covington’s ability to promote himself and generate hype for his fights. It was during this time he spoke about Covington’s possible switch to pro-wrestling:

“Well, he brings the drama. You shouldn’t be shocked. I mean, who the f**k causes more drama than Colby? Still, though, that’s how he’s so popular. It’s both things, right? Which is rare; like, he has incredible skill level, he’s as tough as they come, and he talks a lot of sh**. And most people don’t know that he got forced into talking sh**. Like, the UFC was about to cut him. They didn’t like his style. They told him. And so then, he fought Demian Maia in Brazil, and then called them a bunch of filthy animals, and said a bunch of crazy sh**. They went crazy.”

“He went pro wrestling heel, and it changed the trajectory of his career. What people don’t know about Colby – What you know about Colby – Is when you’re with him in person, super nice guy. He’s a great guy…He’s a gentleman. That’s the real guy. This other thing is like a character that he does, which is so fascinating.” Rogan added, “He’s got that pro wrestling heel character down. And if he ever decides to leave the UFC and go to pro wrestling, he would have a giant career in pro wrestling. If he wanted to, oh, my God! If he decided, if he fought, you know, let’s say – You know, whatever happens with his career, but like five years from now if he decides to go to pro wrestling, my God, will that guy have a f**king career over there. He’s talked so much sh**.”

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