Joe Rogan Drops Johnny Depp & Keanu Reeves Bombshell

Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience has seen several stories over the years. This time around conversation moved towards Keanu Reeves.



In an episode with American gun rights activist Colion Noir, the two got discussing about Keanu Reeves and his gun training for his movie franchise John Wick. Noir recounted meeting the actor and Rogan sang Reeves’ praises being especially impressed by his simplicity.

“That is how he handles being that famous. He is the Matrix guy, that’s some over the top level of fame. He hit that Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise level of fame and then just became a super chill mellow guy, that can just like go through crowds.”

“That guy sits on the subway by himself. There is no obvious outward display of wealth from him, and he is insanely wealthy. When you see him, he is dressed like me, he’s got like a regular watch on with sneakers. He is normal as f**k man. It is real weird.”

The two also checked out a clip of Keanu Reeves traveling on the local subway and graciously offering his seat to a lady.

“He has figured out a way to avoid – like there he is right there, on a fucking subway , just chilling. He looks like a totally normal dude. And people freak out, ‘Is that? No!’ Like people ignore him, because he has figured out a way to just [disappear in plain sight]. And then even if you talk to him, he is just normal. Like everybody that I know that’s met him, they said the dude’s like totally legit.”

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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