Mike Tyson Reveals If Diddy Killed Tupac

Patrick Bet-David brought up theories that Diddy played a role in Tupac Shakur’s death in an interview with Mike Tyson. Naturally, Mike Tyson made it clear that he believed Diddy was a great person.



No, just that I have known him for a long time. Awesome guy. I’ve knwon him before he was Diddy. I’ve known him for a long time, when I first became champ I knew him. I remember him, he was having crates at my after parties and stuff.

During a recent episode of the PBD podcast, iconic boxer Mike Tyson made a surprising revelation about the health of actor Jamie Foxx. Tyson disclosed that Foxx had suffered a stroke in April 2023, which led to his hospitalization. The medical incident reportedly occurred while Foxx was filming his upcoming Netflix film, “Back in Action.”

Tyson, known for his candidness, admitted that he did not possess all the details surrounding the stroke but confirmed that it had indeed sent Foxx to the hospital. Expressing concern for his friend’s well-being, Tyson, 56, mentioned that Foxx was not feeling well and that a stroke had been the cause. He emphasized the unpredictable nature of life, highlighting how unexpected health complications can arise without warning.

The lack of information available to the public regarding Foxx’s condition prompted Tyson to speculate that if details had not been made known at that point, it might be because the powers that be did not want the public to be aware. This led to further speculation and curiosity among fans about Foxx’s health and recovery.

Foxx, born Eric Marlon Bishop, was not only involved in the Netflix film but was also set to portray Mike Tyson himself in a biopic series about the former boxer’s life. However, due to Foxx’s hospitalization, the progress of the biopic has encountered obstacles, leaving its status uncertain. Tyson revealed that the production had planned to use visual effects similar to those employed in the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to make Foxx appear younger and accurately depict various stages of Tyson’s life.

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