Joe Rogan Reveals Truth About Khabib’s Health

Joe Rogan is currently one of the most popular personalities in the world of MMA and UFC, largely thanks to his commentary skills and also his podcast. He recovered from the virus last year and since then spread a lot of misinformation about the virus, at least according to numerous doctors and various other people. A UFC girl also wanted Joe Rogan to pick her up previously.



Rogan previously opened up on the episodes of his podcast that featured Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough. They were the most controversial ones. Eventually, Joe Rogan became a controversial figure due to him using the n-word and other racial slurs in the past. It led to him getting cancelled for a while and losing deals as well. Except for Spotify, who stood by him for the most part except for deleting several of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes.

Kamaru Usman is one of the greatest fighters in the history of the UFC as well and fans simply have a lot of respect for him. Despite this, Kamaru Usman also has his fair share of haters but it seems he does not let his haters faze him.

Speaking to Usman on the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast, Rogan notably opined that combat sports athletes experience some of their life’s greatest moments during their fighting career.

“One thousand percent. Everything is a lesson for me. I’m just blessed to be able to still be able to do it. And I talk to my friends, which I consider like big brothers – Daniel Cormier and these guys.”

“And Daniel is like, ‘Yo, when you stop, this s**t stops. It just stops. And you feel it ‘cause as an elite athlete, you feel that.’ And I think some of these guys are still chasing that. I mean, Conor [McGregor] is still chasing that. He loves that feeling, which, you know, more power to him if he can still get there.”

“What is Charles Oliveira beats Islam Makhachev? What happens then? What is he submits him and he calls out Khabib?”

Responding to Rogan, Usman claimed that the chances of Khabib Nurmagomedov making 155 lbs again are bleak. Comparing Nurmagomedov to a bear, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ stated that the former lightweight king is a legitimate light heavyweight at this point. Usman told Rogan:

“It makes it easier for Khabib to say no. First of all I don’t think he gets down to 155 [lbs] ever again. No way now. He’s big, he’s a light heavyweight. No way in hell he gets down. And he’s a solid light heavyweight. He’s holding down light heavyweights and submitting them. He’s a bear, he’s like a short stocky bear right now. Yeah, there’s now way he gets back down to 155.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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