John Cena Comments on Zack Ryder, Stat on Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Title Run

– WWE’s website pointed out today that Alberto Del Rio had the second shortest title reign for any of the Superstars who have cashed in their Money in the Bank briefcases to win a major title. Del Rio’s run with the WWE Title was just 35 days. Rob Van Dam has the shortest reign among the group with just 22 days back in 2006.



– John Cena has been putting over Zack Ryder on his Twitter. Here are some comments from today:

“CeNation. Calling all walks of life. FOLLOW @ZackRyder let’s get him to 1 million! #sevenfigurebroski

Message to the dark side. If change is what u truly want…then use your voice. FOLLOW @ZackRyder u claim there are SO many of u….. But 200k is not even close to enuff to prove your case. Let your voice be heard. FOLLOW @ZackRyder #sevenfigurebroski

WHEN he gets to a million…cats and together…mass hysteria! Instead of complaining …do something FOLLOW @ZackRyder. Cause I believe in those who support me..and right now..there’s LOTS of US. So until u do something to prove otherwise the CHAMP IS HERE!

Now..CeNation. thank u so much for all the support thru a VERY critical time. U know I will NEVER give up. #riseabovehate”

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