Backstage RAW News on The Muppets & Hugh Jackman, More on the RAW Rating

– As noted before, this week’s WWE RAW Supershow did a 3.0 cable rating with 4,300,000 viewers. Hour one of this week’s show averaged 4.43 million viewers while the second hour averaged 4.22 million viewers. The second hour went up against the The History Channel’s Pawn Stars, ESPN’s Monday Night Football and Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen Roast.



In comparison, the Sheen Roast was Comedy Central’s most viewed roast yet and did 6.43 million viewers. Monday Night Football averaged 11.92 million viewers this week while Pawn Stars averaged 3.70 million viewers and the season premiere of CBS’ Two And A Half Men did a 10.3 rating with 27.8 million viewers. RAW was #3 last night on cable, behind the NFL and the Charlie Sheen Roast.

– Hugh Jackman was said to be a big hit among everyone backstage at RAW last night. Jackman was a big fan of WWF back in the 1980’s and “lost it” when he saw Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi backstage last night.

– There was a lot of excitement going around when word reached the WWE crews that The Muppets will be appearing on the Halloween RAW.

Partial source: PWInsider

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