Could John Cena’s next WWE run be his last?

While fans are still trying to consume the news of John Cena breaking up with Nikki Bella, it appears that another major news might be waiting for them.



A latest article from Bleacher Report takes a look at Cena’s latest run and speculates that his lackluster match with Undertaker could be a setup for a rematch for the Show Of Shows next year.

What’s interesting is that the site speculates that Cena, who has lost his last 6 PPV matches, could follow the footsteps of the Rock and walk away from the company afterward.

The fact that Cena has put over more stars in the past year by losing clean than any other year since becoming the face of the company could also be taken as an indication that his wrestling days are coming to an end.

However, as we reported before, John is still the #1 merchandise seller for WWE which shows his popularity so it’s likely that Officials will like to have him around for as long as possible.

Whether or not his next run turns out to be his last will only be revealed by time. What’s certain is that John Cena’s days in the company are numbered and we should enjoy whatever time is left in his wrestling career.

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