John Cena Posts Cryptic WWE Royal Rumble Photo

John Cena has teased appearing at the WWE Royal Rumble as his Peacemaker character in a new photo.



The pro wrestling world is a dangerous business as pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line every week to entertain their fans. Their bodies go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and it is no shock if a pro wrestler gets injured at any moment during a match. This happened to several WWE Superstars as well, many of whom had to end their careers permanently. Paige also leaked a mugshot photo to WWE fans earlier in the year.

Bayley is undoubtedly one of the top female Superstars in WWE right now and she has put in a lot of hard work to achieve everything that she has. Bayley has also achieved a lot during her time in WWE. She has the longest combined reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion with 519 days and is also the first Women’s Grand Slam Champion. Bayley also recently broke character after a major firing from the company.

Bayley is out of action due to an injury and is also a free agent after last year’s edition of the WWE Draft. Bayley recently took to Twitter and disagreed with Paige about telling people how great Becky Lynch is during her early years in WWE. Paige then took the opportunity to make fun of Bayley’s haircut as she called it Karen hair, further fanning the flames of a possible feud between the two.

In other news regarding Bayley, last month WWE’s resident role model she discussed her favorite WWE memory – one that she witnessed live in a conversation he had with Credit to SportsKeeda for the below quote.

“The Cow Palace probably, and that was in 2004. It was a pay-per-view called No Way Out. That was when Eddie Guerrero first won his WWE Championship. So, it was so amazing, and he jumped into the crowd and carried the California flag. You could just see the people in the front row with their Warriors jerseys and their Niners jerseys. It was just such a feel-good moment, I couldn’t believe I was there.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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