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Jon Moxley talks about how AEW’s formula is different from WWE

Jon Moxley AEW

WWE’s formula of putting on a show is largely criticized by fans and this is something AEW has managed to avoid so far.

Jon Moxley spoke to 101.1 WKQX, where he talks about AEW’s varied locker room. He talked about Orange Cassidy’s character, which is unlike anything seen in WWE and how he gets a lot of cheers from the crowds. Aspects such as this are what help AEW avoid the same traps that are prevalent in WWE and in professional wrestling.

“It’s unpredictable, it’s… Dynamite is a very — apropos name because it’s like a powder keg of anything could happen where as in WWE or other promotions maybe, like not trying to throw any shade or anything, but it can be very predictable because they have a formula.”

“Show opens, guy comes out with a mic, talks. Other guys’ music hits, comes out with a mic, talks. We’ve made the main event for tonight or whatever. There’s just these patterns and formulas that you see, and subconsciously you know as a fan what’s happening and you can predict stuff. We don’t have any formulas or patterns yet. One week we open the show with Nick Jackson and Fenix, and you see this ridiculous match. One week we open with a promo, one week we open with who knows? Maybe we’ll open with the World Title match tomorrow night. Maybe Chris Jericho says I’m the champion and I’m going on first. That could happen. I’m not saying that’s happening, it could. You know, I think it’s a great idea. I’m going to text somebody right now. Let’s just open the show, man. World Title. We could do anything.”

All Elite Wrestling has managed to provide an alternative to WWE in many ways and its success proves this.  It is likely the company will make decisions that not everyone will be a fan of and that is fine. AEW continues to produce a good product and it is unlikely that will stop anytime soon.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I still love watching AEW, but I absolutely can’t understand how anyone thinks they are doing anything revolutionary or unpredictable.

    The most unpredictable thing in AEW is the quality of refereeing, and I say this as a fan since day 1. They need to improve on that.

    Seriously, though, unpredictable shouldn’t be the big goal they aim for. Being unpredictable for the sake of unpredictability is what made WCW 2000 such an utter mess. They gave up any sense of storylines making sense just so that people wouldn’t guess what they’d do next, and they never recovered because there was no point investing in any character long term.

    There’s nothing wrong with parts of the show being predictable, as long as the journey to get to those points is satisfying and entertaining. (which is the area where WWE tends to struggle at times)

  • CC

    I have actually stopped watching the past few weeks because of this. WWE has many faults, and overall (with the exception of NXT) AEW has more great matches, but the lack of structure and the same old faces every week hurts them for me. Now I know WWE uses the same old faces too (Reigns, Rolins, Flair & Lynch etc), but they do see to have more variety and more of a mix of undercard guys. Yes, they still have a butt load of talent they rarely ever use, but they do seem to actually use more talent than AEW weirdly.

    And what I really do not get with AEW is their womens division. For all the talented women they have signed, why is it they actually seem to give less time to women than WWE does? Yes the constant hyping of the womens revolution in WWE is tiresome these days, but at least they give their women screen time and not just one or two of them.
    AEW still has a lot to learn I will admit, but so far I have decided to take a step back from it and come back when they are a little more established as so far NXT is a country mile ahead for me.

  • I’m as tired of the WWE formula as everybody else but that just sounds rather chaotic and lacking of a clear direction for where they are going. I have a great appreciation for unpredictability but he definitely makes it sound like there is no clear vision for where things are going and decisions are made on a whim.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Is that why they feature the same guys practically every week, and pretty much every storyline revolves around them?

    Jericho, Cody, Young Bucks, Mox, MJF, Adam Page, and Pac.

    The only storylines that don’t revolve around these guys in some way right now are the Spears/Janela storyline, which got completely forgotten this week, and the Kip Sabian/Penelope ford stuff, which also got totally forgotten this week.

    That’s not unpredictable.

  • Rinn13

    Perhaps your formula shouldn’t include crappy, cringe-worthy “hardcore” matches though.