JR Blog: Next Week’s RAW Host, Warrior in the WWE Hall of Fame?, More

Jim Ross posted a new blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:



– The gentleman who wrote and displayed the “J.R. is Overrated” sign that was shown on Raw Monday night emailed our Q&A section of the site and I responded to him. You can check out the email and my response in their entirety in the Q&A section. He’s from the UK, says he has a Masters Degree, and seemed to be protesting the “Michael Cole backlash” as he put it. I did not know that there was a “Michael Cole backlash” but that may be another case of “there you are” as my Dad used to say.

– For the record, I don’t have a burning desire right now, while addressing my present health issues, to get back on weekly TV whatsoever. I am much more focused on the medical tests that I will undergo tomorrow which are the results of previous tests done a week or so ago. Yes sir, I’m ready for this little journey to end and to be 100% ready to rock….and that will happen.

– The WWE Hall of Fame class for 2010 seems to be garnering more interest as our email flow gets stronger. Lots of speculation that the “Ultimate Warrior” will be inducted this year. I have no clue but the fact that “Warrior” lives in Phoenix, the site of WM26, being a significant reason as to why makes zero sense to me. Either the man deserves to be introduced or he doesn’t no matter his zip code. I personally feel the former Blade Runner is deserving and just because the guy is considered “controversial” should not exclude him from any accolade. Warrior’s accomplishments and contributions to the business are what counts and hearing Warrior’s acceptance speech live and in person would be classic and likely a “Wrestlemania Moment.”

– Rowdy Roddy Piper will no doubt be at the top of his game Monday night in Madison Square Garden when he hosts Monday Night Raw. I know that Hot Rod considers “The Garden” hallowed ground, as most of us veterans do, and who knows how many more times the WWE Hall of Famer will be in such a key role in this arena? I expect all sort of Survivor Series oriented fireworks in NYC Monday evening.

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